Here to Serve Our Community

Our Leadership

Dartmouth Bible Church is an Elder led congregation. That means that while our Senior Pastor serves as the lead Elder, the responsibility of leading, pastoring, and directing the church is shared among a team rather than one person making all the decisions and leading alone. 

We believe that this is not only Biblical but also the best practical way to care for the spiritual needs of the congregation as well as maintain accountability and spiritual health for those in leadership.

Additional Leaders

While DBC is elder led, it recognizes a few different groups in order to effectively distribute the work of the church. 

    • Worship Ministry: Holly Coutinho
    • Guest Service Ministry: Fran Theriault
    • Hospitality Ministry: Becky Dutra
    • Awana Leader: Dave Hawkins
    • Women's Ministry: Sandy Harbick
    • Men's Ministry: Randy Brown
    • Damascus Road Coffee House: Paul Roy
    • Dr. Roland Chan (Chair)
    • Shirley Barboza
    • Jean Meilert
    • Susan Bouley
    • Liang Li
    • Fran Theriault
    • Dave Hawkins (Chair)
    • Sandra Bartolo
    • Becky Dutra
    • Barry Mingola
    • Robert Bouley
    • Financial Secretary - Eric Meilert
    • Assistant Financial Secretary - Shouwei Cai
    • Clerk - Sandy Harbick
    • Moderator - TBD
    • Treasurer - Barbara Grenier
    • Assistant Treasurer - Dave Hawkins
    • Church Secretary - Chelsea West
    • Maintenance/Custodial - Evan West

Join Us

God's people are gifted with unique talents, skill, and heart. The church is a setting in which these gifts can be displayed through service. We are always looking for ways to help individuals grow and discover their gifts. Whether it is here or in the community, we would love to see you use your gifts for the Lord!

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