support DBC

Thank you for your interest in giving to Dartmouth Bible Church!

At DBC, we believe that financial giving is an important act of worship. 

It is an act of trust in God, a reminder that He is the source of everything we have - we are stewards of all that He has blessed us with.  

One aspect of stewardship is the principle of generosity, 

which God honors when done in cheerfulness and faith.  

Therefore, we  teach "grace giving" - giving that is systematic, sacrificial and cheerful.

Dartmouth Bible Church processes online donations through the online giving platform.  

When you give online, the church has to pay the processing fee, which you will have the option of covering, although it is not necessary in order to give.  The processing fees are:

2.9% for VISA/MC, 3.5% for AMEX, and 1% for ACH, (a direct bank withdrawal using your bank account information)  Please do not feel any pressure - we are grateful for whatever gifts you choose to give to DBC.

We greatly appreciate your support of our ministry, for the spread of God's kingdom - both here and around the world!