Discipleship Courses

DBC 101: Discovering Church Membership

Membership is about knowing Christ.

In this study you will learn what it means to be a church member and the purpose of DBC. You will learn how DBC is structured and the biblical reason it is structured that way.

We explore some basic lifestyle values, what we practice, such as communion and baptism, and why.

We explain our Statement of Faith – what we believe and why. We also discuss why it is important for believers to connect to a church body.

DBC 201: Discovering Spiritual Maturity

Spiritual maturity is about growing in Christ.

In this study you will learn the four basic habits every Christian needs to develop in order to grow to spiritual maturity.

We explore some of the basic activities and habits needed to grow in your faith and to mature in your walk with Christ.

As disciples of Christ, our desire is not only to believe in Christ but also to follow Him and to make a commitment to grow in our walk with Him.

DBC 301: Discovering Your Ministry

Ministry is about serving Christ.

Every Christian has at least one spiritual gift. In this study you will take a look into what is needed to develop a personal ministry using your spiritual gift.

It is God’s plan for every believer to use their spiritual gift to build up the church body with active and engaged service.

Every DBC member is a DBC minister. Any member who has completed courses through 301 may start a new ministry with the assistance of church leadership.

DBC 401: Discovering Your Mission

Missions is about sharing Christ.

In this study you will learn the most powerful tool for communicating the gospel today, your testimony.

God holds us responsible for sharing the gospel with people we already know. They are in our lives for a reason.

Effective evangelism relies on assessing how receptive a person is and then helping them take the next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We welcome anyone who wants to explore how to grow in their walk with Jesus.

No. You can do the courses in any order that meets your schedule. The order is only the suggested order.

101: Get to know the folks who are interested in becoming members of our church, gain an understanding of what is presented on behalf of our church, and benefit from a review of the fundamentals that this church is founded upon.

201: Pick up some helpful tips on how to study the Bible, memorize scripture and enrich your prayer life. Meet new believers who may need a mentor.

301: If you are already in ministry, your input on what led you to choose that ministry and how it fulfills you to serve others will enrich the conversation and inspire others to get involved in ministry.

401: Pick up tips on sharing the gospel and share your experiences in sharing your faith to encourage the group.